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Frequently Asked Questions


IV Hydration: Top FAQs Answered

Discover the most frequently asked questions about the IV hydration business. From benefits and safety to costs and procedures, we've got you covered.

  • What is IV Hydration Therapy?
    IV hydration therapy is a service where fluids, vitamins, and essential nutrients are directly infused into the bloodstream.
  • Is IV Hydration Safe?
    Administered by trained medical professionals, IV hydration can be a safe procedure. However, potential risks exist, as with any medical treatment.
  • Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy:
    The IV hydration business promotes rapid rehydration, immediate vitamin replenishment, and relief from hangovers, jet lag, and migraines.
  • Who Handles the IV Treatments?
    Licensed medical professionals, like registered nurses or paramedics oversee and administer IV hydration under a physician's guidance.
  • Duration of a Typical IV Session:
    Sessions in an IV hydration business on average span 30 minutes to an hour, but some may run longer depending on the selected services. NAD+ generally runs longer than other IVs, so please plan ahead.
  • Recommended Frequency:
    The ideal frequency varies with individual needs. Some prefer weekly sessions, while others opt for occasional treatments.
  • What is IV Hydration Used For:
    IV hydration businesses market their services for various conditions: fatigue, hangovers, jet lag, colds, athletic recovery, and more.
  • IV Drip Ingredients:
    Drips vary, but it typically begins with a saline base then ingredients are added per the client’s request.
  • Insurance and IV Hydration:
    Most insurance plans do not cover elective IV hydration as it is seen as a wellness service. However, we have had clients that get prior-authorization from their insurance company with a doctor’s recommendation for IV for preventative reasons get reimbursed for our services. Nxt Level is happy to provide an itemized invoice for you to submit to your insurance. Nxt Level Mobile IV is not able to bill insurance for IVs.
  • Potential Side Effects:
    While rare, side effects can include: Bruising or Hematoma: This can occur at the site where the needle is inserted, especially if the vein is punctured through both sides or if there's difficulty in finding a suitable vein. Warm Sensation: Some people might feel a warm sensation when certain solutions, especially those with magnesium or potassium, are administered. Minor Swelling or Inflammation: This can occur at the injection site, especially if the IV solution infiltrates the surrounding tissue. Taste or Odor: Some people report a metallic taste or a peculiar smell when receiving certain IV infusions, especially with high doses of certain vitamins or minerals.
  • Less Common Side Effects:
    5. Infection: If not done under sterile conditions, there is a risk of local or systemic infections. Allergic Reaction: Rarely, a person may be allergic to one of the components in the IV solution. Air Embolism: This is a rare but serious complication where air enters the bloodstream. It requires immediate medical attention. Vein Damage: Prolonged IV therapy or repeated IV insertions can lead to damage to the veins. Phlebitis: This is inflammation of the vein, which can be caused by the IV line itself, the solution, or an infection. Other Reactions: Depending on what is being infused, there might be other side effects. For example, high doses of certain vitamins or minerals can cause nausea, diarrhea, or other symptoms. ***It is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before undergoing any form of IV therapy. A well-trained professional can help minimize these risks, ensure the treatment is suitable for the individual, and monitor for any adverse reactions during the procedure. This is why you should always choose reputable and credentialed provider, especially for mobile services, to ensure sterility and safety standards are upheld***
  • IV Hydration vs. Drinking Water:
    IV therapy offers direct bloodstream absorption, bypassing the digestive system for potential faster effects
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